Friday, May 9, 2008

The middle of the beginning of the story

I start this story in an odd place… right in the middle of the beginning. This is a story of how God can prepare two people, across miles, across borders and cultures, against all odds and bring them together at just the right time. This is the beginning of 50 years or more of an amazing adventure. This is the middle of the beginning because Ana and I are waiting for paperwork which will allow us to marry in Mexico and start the immigration process needed to start our lives together. The series of events that brought us to this point amaze me and as I try to recount them to friends and family, I find there is too much history to tell all at once. Therefore, I’m going to tell the story here, starting from the middle, so that we can enjoy it for the next few decades and maybe you can enjoy it now.

Ana was born and raised and lives in Mexico. I was born in California and have spent most of my life in Indiana where Ana and I met in 2002. She was in Indiana on a dental mission trip and I was her driver for a week. It was a very good week. I’ll share more details about that week and the following weeks soon. Since we enjoy different nationalities, we get to enjoy the immigration process as well.

I arrived in Mexico two days ago, Wednesday, May 7th. Early Thursday morning, Ana and I gathered our papers, again, and at 6:30am drove 2 ½ hours (about 15 miles) to the immigration office to submit our petition, again, to marry. We had tried two weeks earlier to petition with the understanding that there was a 35 day waiting period. We discovered that the process only requires 7-10 days but requires my immigration form and my presence in the country until the process is complete. The last two months have been a series of steps such as 1) research 2) apply 3) learn the real facts 4) repeat. I have to say that I’m enjoying the process though.

This trip to Mexico is part of a much larger plan. We discovered that there are at least three good ways for an American and a Mexican to marry. There are a few other options as well, but we decided to play it safe. The story, at this point, requires a bit of history so I’ll stop here by adding that, if all goes well, we should have our permission on Wednesday in time for our appointment at the Juzgado (local courthouse) on Thursday the 15th for the civil wedding.

In the next post I’ll include a description of the two types of weddings in Mexico and a little more of how we got to this point. I have to say that we believe we are together only by the grace of God and by following His lead. Many of the events of the last few years that brought us together and allowed us to be together are miraculous.

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